Blood Drive Cancellations Amid Coronavirus Concerns Poses Significant Risk to the Local Blood Supply

Sarasota, FL- SunCoast Blood Centers is in urgent need of donors to replenish the local blood supply. People are staying home to isolate themselves from the coronavirus and not venturing out to donate at the community blood drives we have scheduled. Blood drives make up nearly 70% of the blood needed for the community, but with people staying home, our blood supplies have plummeted. According to SunCoast Blood Centers, “there is only 2-day supply of blood of blood for the community.”

Scott Bush, CEO of SunCoast Blood Centers states, “Many people do not realize that blood is perishable and has a relatively short shelf-life, so it must continually be replenished. Blood products save lives every minute of every day, so every single blood donation is needed. For people that are blessed with good health and wellness, it becomes our responsibility to help those that are less fortunate by donating these life-giving blood components.”

Donating blood is safe and there is no known risk of passing or getting the coronavirus through a blood transfusion. SunCoast Blood Centers, your only local blood bank, are encouraging everyone that feels well to please consider scheduling an appointment with the information provided below.

SunCoast donor center or mobile blood drive location near you, visit or call 1-866-97-BLOOD.

The life you save may be your own, or the person you love the most!

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URGENT NEED FOR ALL BLOOD TYPES | For details and safety information See How You Can Help